Never be shut down by the bank again!

Introducing a Truly Innovative Solution for High-risk Payment Acceptance

Our Distributed Hybrid Processing Network (DHPN) can ensure uninterrupted Processing for many industries that struggle to obtain or maintain processing from traditional Credit Card Service providers, Banks, and Processors.  

​See below for more about our DHPN technology that is changing the game for many High-Risk Merchants that struggle daily to obtain or maintain the financial services they require.

That’s right, never worry about losing your ability to accept Credit Card Payments again. Our Distributed Hybrid Processing solution can ensure uninterrupted credit card processing for many industries that struggle to obtain or maintain Merchant Accounts from traditional Banks and Processors.

Your customers can make purchases from your web store no matter what country they live in and all transactions (for any legal product) will receive credit card approval – guaranteed by French law – (see: Law) then settled to a bank in your country. 

Example: a U.S. customer buys the Visa/MC prohibited product “Kratom” or Nutra or Tech Support etc. The transaction is sent to the French Bank who is required by law to approve the transaction and does. The transaction is then passed to the settlement Bank in the Merchant’s home country, in this example the U.S. 

When the U.S. Bank receives the “Approved” transaction it is no longer for the “approval of a product sale” but simply a financial settlement request for an already approved and legal transaction. The settlement Bank never sees what was sold.

As a Merchant, you no longer need to disguise the product you sell risking account termination and fines, you receive approval rates similar to that of a local account, and the transaction is considered a local transaction i.e. a U.S. transaction settled in dollars.

What is it?

DHPN is our solution to the endless cycle of good businesses in disadvantaged market segments struggling to obtain and maintain consistent access to credit card processing.

We realized that ALL Merchant Account solutions available today for “high-risk” Merchants have the same Achilles heel; a single point of failure. A single Bank or Processor that at any time and for any reason can, and do, decide to no longer accept your account type. Boom! You’re out of business.

DHPN is a completely new approach that solves this problem. Our technology and Hybrid processing network allow us to distribute your customer’s transactions across a broad network of processors eliminating the problem and ensuring uninterrupted processing.

What does it do for me?

DHPN Solutions allows you to grow your business without worrying about losing the ability to accept Credit Cards due to your processor or local bank deciding not to accept your business or business type. You no longer need to be at the mercy of ISO’s setting up foreign accounts that risk your money and cause high sales declines or disreputable Payment Aggregators who have access to your money.

Additionally, we protect you from ever being put on MATCH or losing the ability to obtain Merchant or Banking services because there is no need to hide your product of services.

A few facts…

– Regular/Domestic (1%+ decline rate)

– Low 4.4% + 30c per transaction

– No reserve for established business 10% reserve for new businesses

– Paid daily (3 days arrears)

– Free underwriting, 24hr approval

– You CANNOT be terminated or put on Visa/MC Match list – EVER

– Your bank account will never be affected

– Reduction/Elimination of Secret Shoppers

– Full Reporting down to daily transaction level

Any questions?