About Us

Gull Processing is a small group of start-up industry professionals, application developers, and business visionaries who are committed to creating simple and beautiful solutions to complex commerce problems.

We focus on new technologies, innovative products, and disadvantaged markets. Our goal is to provide these innovators the financial, marketing, and consulting services they need to be successful.

Founded on the idea that if you put in the hard work to truly understand a problem, a solution will present itself that is both simple and beautiful. That is where the real work begins! Our team, for the past 20 years, has been committed to not just innovating but to bringing those bright ideas to light.

Pouring our own resources and labor into producing tangible results, finished products, and services that help our customers SUCCEED!

Gull Processing’s, Distributed Hybrid Processing Network, (DHPN) for high-risk Merchant processing is one of those solutions. Please take the time to look through our site and check out the videos on how our DHPN solution can provide you solid, inexpensive, and reliable Credit Card processing for your Card Not Present (CNP) business worldwide.